Most homeowners will encounter some form of roofing problem within their lifetimes.

The issues can range anywhere from a small leak to cracking situations. A roof suffers from any number of problems that demand some immediate attention, or else they could worsen.

For your convenience, we have put together a list of the most common roofing problems that you can expect to call a commercial roof repair service to assist you.

Warning: Repairing a roof is not only complicated, but it is also a dangerous endeavor for you to take on yourself. Therefore, in most situations, it will be best to hire professionals that ensure the work gets done correctly and safely.

Most Common Problems

If unaddressed, these roof problems will lead to serious damages in your home:

1. Leaky Roof

Perhaps this is the most common roofing problem faced by homeowners the world over. Whether it is broken shingles or cracked flashes, roofs can suffer from wearing down over time due to unkind weather. As you can imagine, when shingles and flashes get broken, water gains easier access into your humble abode.

roofing problem to watch out for: leaky ceiling

Roof leaks are likely to occur:

  • Around gutters
  • Near the Chimney
  • At skylights
  • In valleys or low spots
  • Close to pipes and vents
  • At flashing points
  • Beneath damaged shingles

If you happen to see any signs of leaking, such as damp walls or discolored ceilings, be sure to contact a roofing professional immediately for a thorough inspection.

2. Water That is Pooling

When water begins to pool on top of your roof, forming small ponds, this can be detrimental later down the line. That is especially true for flat roofs. The solution to pooling water is to form tapered areas over the surface of the roof. The slopes will allow the water to run off your roof properly, protecting you against potential water damage.

3. Holes and Punctures

When it comes to punctures and holes, just about anything could be the culprit. Anything from wildlife to foot traffic can leave behind abrasions, puncture marks, or huge holes in your roof.

Whether the damage suffered is levied by bird drilling holes in your roof with their beak or a contractor unintentionally dislodging shingles as he carries out his work. These things can build up over the years until they culminate into wood rot or some other structural compromise.

4. Shrinkage

Shrinking roof materials can lead to a plethora of unwanted problems. Problems such as cracking, deterioration, and integral parts can begin to pull apart like flashing. Shrinkage affects any roof covered with EPDM (a synthetic rubber membrane). All other roof coverings are affected as well, but, to a lesser degree.

If you find yourself worried about shrinkage, an experienced professional will examine your roof.

5. Blistering and Cracking

As time passes, roofs inevitably develop blisters, cracks, and ridges. Seeing this kind of damage with your own eyes depends on the type of roofing you have installed. In particular, built-up roofs are very susceptible to blistering and cracking. This type of roof is made of several many layers which cover a surface that is almost completely flat.

6. Ice and Snow Damage

Don’t let winter wear ruin your roof!

Both snow and ice are notorious roofing problems due to the way they wreak havoc on roofs, especially over a long period. This all has to do with the fact that snow and ice eventually melt into water, allowing it to seep beneath your shingles causing water damage.

ice dams caused by snow roof damage

And if somehow the water refreezes after seeping beneath the shingles, the ice Can push up against shingles or flashing and even lift them. This will leave behind gaps that will allow more snow, ice, and water to enter.

The best way to protect your roof against winter conditions is to schedule routine spring and fall inspections and maintenance. This will ensure that you won’t be caught off guard and in need of an emergency roof repair.

7. Poor Installation

Trying to save a buck and choosing an incompetent roofing specialist will only serve to cost you more money in the future. Moreover, poorly installed roofs are one of the most notorious reasons for short life expectancy and long-term complications along with mold as it pertains to your roof problems.

8. Tree Damage

Quite obviously, if a tree limb descends onto your roof, you’re likely to have major problems. What’s more, even if a branch simply rubs against your roof daily, it can scratch the surface of your roof wearing down its top layer.

roofing problem to watch out for: tree damage

So you may want to consider either trimming the surrounding trees to prevent limbs from resting on your home or you could consider completely removing any tree that presents a threat to the roof of your home.

Roof problems can come in many different forms, and for the longevity of the integrity of your home, it’s up to you to fortify your roof and fortify any potential weak spots. You don’t want to allow any leaks to continue on any further, because they only serve to deteriorate the structures in your home the longer that remains.