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Roof Financing

Roof Financing

We can help you pay for your roof with our roof financing service. Don’t choose between a leaky or dry roof. Choose roof financing and protect your family from the wind and rain. There’s nothing better than knowing your roof is working well and keeping your entire house dry and free from water damage.

  • We’re a trustworthy and dependable roofing company.
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Trusted by Top Industry Organizations

Great experience from start to finish! They explained the whole process thoroughly and answered every question. Would highly recommend.

Julia Hutton | Google Review

Great communication and easy to deal with, even after a stressful storm. They put us at ease and helped us get back to normal.

Zach Cory | Google Review

I highly recommend Red Canyon Roofing if you are looking for a good responsive and local roofer in Northern Colorado!

Gabriela West | Google Review

We are extremely satisfied with the roof we received. Thank you Red Canyon Roofing for a great experience!

Carol Davies | Google Review

Everyone at Red Canyon was truly great to deal with. Thanks for doing my roof even if it’s wasn't the biggest job!

John Browne | Google Review

Red Canyon was easy to communicate with. They completed the job in one day and they returned (a year later) to inspect the roof.

Rose Bartlett | Google Review

We’re a Do It All Company

From roof inspections and estimates to repairs, replacements, and financing the work we do, Red Canyon offers everything you need to ensure that your roof is adequately taken care of. We understand that it can be frustrating to work with multiple contractors, and that’s why we’re set out to make it easier.


Contact us today for a free estimate or inspection of any possible damage, and we’ll be out to your property ASAP. You won’t be left waiting around. Red Canyon will take care of you the right way.

Don’t Wait to Repair Your Roof

We understand that coming up with the money to fix your roof leak might be difficult. But that doesn’t mean that you should wait to repair your roof. Instead, get your local roofing contractor started on it as soon as possible! The damage that can occur from water getting into your home will be much more expensive than a roof repair.

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