Best Roofing Companies in Denver

1. Ethos Roofing

best roofing companies in Denver: Ethos

Offering free estimates and providing inspection reports before bidding on a job, Ethos Roofing is a great company to work with. They have numerous good reviews, and a number of their past customers consider them a professional and trustworthy company. That goes a long way in the contracting world.

2. Golden Spike Roofing

best roofing companies in Denver: Golden Spike

Golden Spike Roofing is a locally owned and operated company that provides high-end quality roofs. Their staff is friendly and ready to work with you and help you make the right decisions for your pocketbook and the future of your home. Golden Spike can get the job done right.

3. Beard Brothers Roofing

best roofing companies in Denver: Beard Brothers

Beard Brothers Roofing is unique because it’s a locally and veteran-owned business that provides premier roofing and other storm damage services. The next time a big storm comes through the Denver area, you can bet that they’re going to be out on jobs ensuring that all of their customers are properly taken care of.

Best Roofing Contractors in North Denver

This list compiles some of the best roofing contractors in north Denver.

4. Red Canyon Roofing

best roofing companies in denver: Red Canyon Roofing

As a family-owned and local business, Red Canyon Roofing has started to take the greater Denver region by storm. Red Canyon prides themselves on exceptional customer service and high-quality roofs every time they work. There are plenty of roofing contractors out there, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a crew like Red Canyon.

Their entire crew is made up of long-term staff members that receive continued training to help them better serve customers. Additionally, Red Canyon is a local business that’s invested in their community. They give back a portion of their profits to local charity organizations to help continue their community’s betterment and development. When you choose to work with these roofers, you’re choosing to give back to your local community.

5. R3D Roofing

best roofing companies in Denver: R3D

R3D Roofing offers virtual estimates and works in both residential roofing and commercial roofing. With a full crew and multiple teams out on job sites every day, R3D is no small operation. They’re here to conquer big jobs and get the work done quickly.

6. RC Roofing

best roofing companies in Denver: RC Roofing Company

As a 25 year company that’s still family-owned and operated, RC Roofing has stood the test of time. With numerous 5-star reviews and customers lining up to give out referrals to their friends and family, RC Roofing has done well when it comes to taking care of their customers.

7. Advanced Construction Roofing

best roofing companies in Denver: ACR

Advanced Construction ensures their customers that they’re fully licensed and insured to work throughout the Denver area. They care about their reputation. This company is quick to respond to inquiries and even faster when it comes to getting jobs done. Advanced Construction is a careful, qualified, and professional roofing company that puts their customers first.

8. Premier Roofing Company

best roofing companies in Denver: Premier

Premier Roofing Company isn’t a local Denver company, but they have worked hard to develop themselves as one of the best companies in the area. They definitely offer a Premiere choice when it comes to roofing companies in Denver. With locations in Kansas City, Minneapolis, Omaha, and St. Louis, they serve several customers across a lot of the central United States. This could be seen as a positive thing or a not so positive thing, depending on how you look at it.