A good way to learn more about roofing and home maintenance, in general, is to read blogs. Blogs aren’t always user-friendly and easy to read, but they are a very useful resource, and in many cases, there is lots of information to be learned.

As a roofing team that loves regularly sharing on our blog, we thought it’d be good to put together a list of the most informative roofing blogs. There are lots of blogs out there, but finding a trustworthy and informative one isn’t always easy. Here are some blogs that you need to see. Be sure to also check out our blog for roofing tips and keeping up with maintenance.

informative roofing blogs you should know

Northface Construction

A construction company located just north of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Northface Construction, does a fantastic job of regularly updating their blogs with both useful information and helpful tips for those who have questions about roofing in general. You’ll even find a video attached to many of their blog posts, making it even easier to gain knowledge.

First American Roofing

First American Roofing is located in Wisconsin and serves its customers with excellence. Many of the blog posts written by this company feature “how to’s” and how to spot or inspect your roof for storm damage. A big concern of many homeowners throughout the midwest is the heavy rain, snow, and hail that can damage a roof. If you’re in the Wisconsin area or you’re looking to learn more about owning a home in the midwest, this is a great blog.

SIG Design Technologies

As a part of the SIG Roofing team in Europe, SIG Design Technologies is one of the leading roofing materials providers throughout the U.K. This team of professionals is constantly looking to provide value to its network through the use of regular blog posts and useful technology.

Roofing Contractor Magazine

Industry-leading professionals and editors work together to put this amazing roofing blog together. You’ll find helpful information for homeowners and contractors. You’ll be able to find roofing technology, techniques, product information, reviews, and more! Be sure to add this one to your list of blogs to check out.


GAF is a leading shingle manufacturer in the United States. Along with providing some of the best shingles out there, GAF also provides an informative blog and certification programs that help roofers learn how to install their shingles properly.

Chaffee Industrial Roofing

For those interested in learning more about commercial roofing and the products and practices used for commercial roofing, the Chaffee blog is perfect for you. This blog is full of resources, information, and tips for all things commercial and industrial roofing. As a company that’s been owned by the same family for three generations, Chaffee Industrial Roofing is known for its commitment to excellence and its customers.

Secured Roofing & Restoration

Secured Roofing & Restorations is one of Florida’s top roofing companies. They work hard to bring their best when in the field with clients and at the office creating blog content. From tips on some of the best roofing materials for warmer climates to tracking hurricane and tropical storm damage, Secured Roofing has a strong blog that’s definitely worth looking at.

Roofing Insights

Roofing Insights is more for the roofing community than it is for homeowners, but there are some helpful blogs on how to choose contractors and what to look for. As a champion for good customer service among the roofing community, there’s a lot to be learned from the roofing insights blog, so be sure to give it a look over and see if there are any topics that would be helpful for you.

That’s all of the roofing blogs that we think you should know about! Be sure to drop a comment below if you know of a good blog that we should include in our list. As always, happy roofing from the Red Canyon Roofing team.