When installing or replacing a roof, the first question you may ask after you purchase the materials is how to get shingles on a roof?

What’s the fastest way to do so? Those things are pretty heavy!

Generally speaking, roofers opt to stack a few bundles of shingles onto the roof before they start installing them. Here are two of the easiest ways that you can try to load the shingles up to the roof. They don’t involve exerting too much energy and possibly hurting yourself. Remember, more bodies are always best!

How to Get Shingles on a Roof The Easy Way

The problem with hand-carrying the shingles, which is the most inexpensive option, is that it’s hazardous for your back, and it will take a ton of time. Those bundles weigh a lot, and it will be quite the workout should you go in at it in this manner.

The following two methods are affordable and more effective than taking the shingles up by hand.

Rent a Truck

man carrying shingles from truck

It’s much easier to have a friend or two help you load the shingles onto a ten-foot truck surface than it is to try to climb up a ladder with a bundle of shingles throwing your balance off.

Step 1: 

You want to park the truck with a sturdy landing space right at the end of a roof that is only one story. Grab your work gloves and get down to business.

Step 2:

You, or the person helping you, will grab a bundle of shingles, lift with your legs, and put them on top of the truck. From there, you can load the shingle bundles to the roof by passing them from the truck to whichever spot you’re working on.

Step 3: 

Carefully place the bundles onto the peak, rake, or hip of the roof if that’s what is closest to you. It’s crucial to stack them carefully because improper storage can damage the roof. Cracked or broken shingles will compromise the integrity of the roof and also reduce its lifespan.

If you place the shingles on the roof incorrectly, it can also damage other parts of the roof, so be careful as you’re loading them up.

Create a Hoist System

This method is probably the most efficient because it involves less physical labor. If you create a hoist system, you can use it to increase your ability to lift heavy roofing materials. You will use more than one pulley system rigged together.

Check out these videos for simple step-by-step instructions with visual aids to help you create hoist systems to get those shingle bundles up to the roof.

How to Stack Shingles Once You Get Them to the Roof

how to get shingles on a roof

Follow these simple tips to successfully stack asphalt shingles onto the roof the easy way:

  • If you have a high-pitched roof, you will need to nail a board right under the shingle bundles. That will keep the shingles from sliding, which could be a considerable safety hazard and may also damage your rooftop.
  • Lay the shingle bundles flatly against the roof surface. Do not remove them from the packaging until they have gotten set down.
  • At this point, lay the three-tab bundles atop the roof hips or ridges as long as you don’t go overboard and start laying too many bundles in that same place. If you have laminated architectural shingles, they should not get bent over the roof hips or ridges.
  • You should only be stacking a few shingle bundles, which prevents the stack from falling over. The bundle will generally weigh close to 80 lbs. If you stack too many of them on top of each other, it can cause a lot of damage to the roof because it will be too heavy.
  • Strategically situate the bundles around the roof in various places so that you don’t put too much pressure on one spot. That is also a better arrangement to ensure that you have easy access to the shingles regardless of where you are working on the roof.
  • Make sure you don’t stack the shingle bundles on parts of the roof that are already compromised or damaged somehow or where the roof is more susceptible to damage, like on the valleys.

It’s critical to remember that you want to try to get the shingles to the roof in the easiest way possible. If you can purchase a power ladder with an electric extender, that can also help make the process smoother.

The most important aspects are to make sure that you do not hurt yourself or damage your roof as you load the shingles and stack them around the roof.

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