So, how long does a roof last and how long can you expect to have your roof on your home before you need to repair or replace it?

In most cases, this is going to depend on the material that you choose to use for your roof. Some of the most common materials used throughout the roofing industry will last anywhere from 15 years to 50 years.

Today we’re breaking down the average lifespan of roofs based on materials as well as how you can better take care of your roof so that it lasts longer. Let’s get started!

Average lifespan of a new roof on a new home; how long does a new roof last

How Long Does A Roof Last?

Like we’ve already stated, the material and quality of material that your roof is made out of will greatly impact the life span that your roof has. In many ways, when it comes to roofing you’ll get what you pay for. Either you’ll get a high-quality roof from a high-quality installer or you’ll get a lower quality roof. In most cases, the installer you choose won’t determine how long your roof lasts, but it is important to pick someone who will install the roof correctly, thus ensuring that the materials last as long as possible.

Asphalt Shingles

Workers on a new roof doing installation; how long does a roof last

Asphalt shingles are the most common of all roofing materials currently used throughout the United States. There are many varieties of asphalt shingles but in general, if you pay more you’ll get a nicer shingle that will last much longer.

Let’s expect that most homeowners have middle-of-the-road shingles installed on their homes. These mid-grade shingles are by far the most common type that homeowners install. It’s not all that often that homeowners will install low-grade shingles and only slightly more common to find extremely high-end shingles. The average lifespan for mid-grade shingles is 20-22 years. Cheaper shingles may be slightly less while higher-end shingles can, in some cases, last as long as 40-45 years.

Metal Roofs

roof damage hail repair metal roof; how long does a roof last

Metal roofing is one of the most durable and long-lasting materials that is currently used for roofing. Because of that, it can be much more expensive to purchase and install than asphalt shingles. Metal roofing offers many advantages because it is maintenance-free, and in some cases can be made to look similar to asphalt shingles.

Because metal roofs are so durable they’re often desired by homeowners that are looking for a long-lasting maintenance-free option. Depending on the type of metal that is installed as well as who is doing the installing, a metal roof can last from 50 – 100 years. Among roofers, metal roofs are considered lifetime roofs.

Slate Roofing

Slate roofing is a material that has been used for 100’s of 1000’s of years to protect homes from wind and precipitation. Slate roofing will last for many many years but, because it’s made of stone and some composite materials it’s very heavy and difficult to install. In most cases, if you have a slate roof you won’t need to replace it for 50 – 75 years and sometimes longer. It is, however, important that you keep up on your roof and make sure that any repairs are made before the roof deteriorates and causes more damage to the surrounding slate tiles.

Slate is a truly beautiful roofing material and if you’re able to afford to install it, it offers many benefits.

Tile Roofing

Tile Roofing; how long does a roof last

Tile roofing is like slate, but instead of being made of stone is almost always cast from a clay mix. You’ll often see tiles in Florida, Arizona, Texas, and any of their surrounding warmer states. The tiles are, in most cases, orange in color and blend in well with the warmer landscapes. These tiles are almost always installed on new homes because they last for 100’s of years just like slate roofing. The main thing that will cause a tile roof to break down is a big storm that throws debris against the roof and causes the tile to crack and chip.

Because these tiles last so long, it’s essential that you take care of any damage to your roof. Damage that goes unchecked will break havoc on your home and the rest of the roof.

Wood Roofing (Cedar Shakes)

cedar shake roofing; how long does a roof last

Wood roofing is another material that’s been used for many years. But, in recent years there has been a surge in wildfires, and many counties, states, and cities are putting restrictions on the use of wood roofing and cedar shakes. Be sure to talk with your roofer about the possibility of installing cedar shakes or if you’ll need to install a different material on your roof.

Despite the fire danger that is sometimes present with cedar shakes and wood roofing, there are some advantages to it. Many homeowners simply love the way that this roofing material looks on their home. And it lasts a long time if you’re willing to get it regularly maintained. Wood roofing will need to be cleaned and treated every 3 to 5 years in order to ensure that it lasts for the fullness of its life. You can expect wood roofing to last from 25 to 50 years depending on how well you take care of it.

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