When you get new shingles installed on a roof, the expectation is that they will hold up for quite some time, despite harsh weather conditions. Nonetheless, fierce storms can cause blown-off shingles even if they are high-quality.

When the wind speeds are strong enough, they can make the nails weaker. That in turn allows the shingles to loosen and come right off when the winds hit or there is a heavy storm. Since the shingles are heavy, if they hit your property such as a window or a fixture, it can wreak havoc.

If you find that you have missing shingles due to a storm, you should replace them right away. Safety is of the utmost importance but it is a fairly straightforward process. We have provided step-by-step instructions to demonstrate how to replace blown-off shingles.

DIY: Repairing Blown-Off Shingles

If you believe you are capable of doing the repairs yourself, follow these simple steps to fix shingles blown off by a storm:

1. Purchase New Shingles

Take a shingle with you to the store so that you can purchase a bundle of shingles that match. Even if you only need one to replace, get a bundle because there is always a chance that you could do it incorrectly, you could drop and break it, or any other mishap that always seems to happen when we buy just enough of something.

inspecting roof shingle damage

2. Get Yourself Set Up

It is always best to plan how to replace blown-off shingles when the weather is nice, preferably warm and sunny. Not too hot because your shingles could get so hot that they start to crumble, and not too cold because then the shingles may crack.

Get your ladder set up along with your bucket.

Additionally, grab:

  • Rope
  • Roofing nails
  • Hammer
  • Fulcrum (2×4, for prying)
  • Crowbar
  • Tar
  • Caulking gun
  • Shingles

3. Understand How To Replace Blown Off Shingles

Shingles get laid in rows, 3 ft by 1 foot. You attach the shingles using roofing nails and tar as an adhesive. You always overlap the shingles so that the water runs off of the roof instead of pooling.

Check here for a diagram to help visualize the pattern.

4. Take Out All the Nails

blown-off shingles

If there are any nails, remove them. You’ll have to count the nails in the shingle and then pry at the shingles until you locate the nail. You can also use a screwdriver to get it up until it gets high enough to get it out by using a crowbar.

Be careful not to overdo it when bending the shingles upward, as this could break them even further. Any exposed nails as a result of damage should also get removed.

5. Take the Shingle Down

Slowly and carefully take the shingle down from the roof. Do not try to pull it up nor horizontally, but down the roof’s slope.

If you find that it is stuck in the corner of the roof, lift the next shingle by prying it until it lifts. If it still seems like the shingle you’re trying to remove won’t budge, you want to check to see if there are nails that you missed. Slow down if you start to hear a sound like ripping.

This noise indicates that you are going too fast when prying. Also, if too big a piece of the shingle gets stuck to the one above it, you have to remove them both to avoid your roof bulging.

6. Put the New Shingle on the Roof

blown-off shingle re-installation

Here is where you add the new shingle to the roof. Ensure that it is properly aligned, looks good visually, and seems sturdy. If you had to remove more than one row of shingles and there are still nail heads that need to get covered, create a few new holes in the roof. By moving the nails over, it will hold the shingles in place.

In the instance that a nail head is covered, you can put the nail in the previous hold and use something large and flat on top of it. Gently hammer the shingle that’s above it to reinsert the nail. These nails are crucial for both shingle layers above and below.

You can’t afford to miss any of them!

7. Tar, Tar, Tar!

Let your tube of tar stay out in the sun for a little while, and then use it on any shingles that are lifting. Hold them down with a brick if necessary.

8. Inspect Your Work

After 24 hours, go back and check your work. Make sure that the shingles are getting held down with the tar. You can even try lightly walking on the roof to see how it holds up to pressure.

Re-installing blown-off shingles does not have to be difficult, but it can definitely be a hassle. If you don’t feel like taking on this project on your own, contact us at Red Canyon today and we’ll have your roof looking brand new in no time. Get your free estimate today!